CVO Canadian Virtual Observatory

If you have used CADC facilities for your research, please include the following acknowledgment:

This research used the facilities of the Canadian Astronomy Data Centre operated by the National Research Council of Canada with the support of the Canadian Space Agency.

Data Sharing (VOSpace 2.0)

The CADC VOSpace-2.0 service provides users with the ability to share files and collaborate with team members.

Table Access Protocol (TAP-1.0)

The CADC Table Access Protocol (TAP) service provides rich query access to all the data described by the Common Archive Observation Model (CAOM) in use at the CADC, plus tables from other projects.

Observation Model Core Components (ObsCore-1.0)

The TAP service (above) provides access to a standard view that implements the ObsCore data model.

Simple Image Access (SIA-1.0)

The CADC Simple Image Access (SIA) service is an SIA-1.0 compliant query service for easy access to calibrated images from most our data collections.

The CVO project and CVO services are currently registered in the NVO Registry.